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At Origin Maps, we are driven by our passion for crafting the finest map art. Our meticulously carved landscapes immortalise your most cherished memories, moments, and victories, allowing you to share and showcase them proudly.

From the National Park where you proposed, to your faraway homeland, or your farm that is your fortress, our maps embody the energy and spirit of these special places.


Hello! I'm Tim. My fascination with maps and geography began when I started exploring the diverse landscapes of Australia. The rich tapestry of stories and experiences each place held sparked a deep appreciation for the artistic potential of maps. This appreciation grew over time, inspiring me to find unique ways to blend memories and emotions with geography.

The idea for Origin Maps took root when I created a custom wooden map as a gift for my parents on their wedding anniversary. They were deeply moved by the heartfelt and personalised nature of the gift, and soon, friends and family were requesting similar creations.

With every new map I crafted, I continued refining my techniques, focusing on capturing the essence of cherished memories and weaving them into the art. This passion eventually led me to establish Origin Maps, allowing me to share these extraordinary creations with a wider audience.

Today, we proudly produce everything in-house and have crafted over 300 maps for clients in Australia, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the EU.

We can create a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece for you or your loved one. Explore our ever-growing gallery or order a fully custom piece featuring any location.

Cheers! Tim


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