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LEAD TIMES - Collection Production: 3 Days Custom Orders: 6-7 Days
All maps are made to order - Shipped worldwide

Your Handcrafted Custom Map Of Any Location

Our maps don't just mark places, they tell stories.

Mapped to your heart's intent, our custom pieces invoke that warm, nostalgic feeling of your most special moments in life. From the time you asked your special someone "Will you marry me?", to the time camping by the lake under a star filled sky. Our maps capture the stories of your most treasured memories with the people closest to your heart.

We Offer Two Styles:

Topographic Style - A sophisticated representation of your special place in a contoured 3D topographic form. Accurately highlighting every peak and valley. Best suited for rugged or rural areas.

Relief Style - A simple yet captivating representation in 2D, accentuating the landscape and built environment. Best suited for urban or less rugged areas.

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Whether it's a place that holds your heart or a dream destination you've yet to explore, Tim is ready to guide you through the crafting of your bespoke wooden map. With expert insights, personal stories, and a passion for cartography, each conversation is a step closer to creating a piece that's uniquely yours. Don't just dream about the perfect map—make it a reality.

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